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Teen Sexuality

This blog is for teens to ask questions about life, love, libido, lust and anything lurid.

There are no taboo topics and we will do our best to answer your questions as honestly, ethically and educationally as possible.

You can ask us questions ranging from the sexually explicit to "how do you know if a girl likes you?"

We will discuss sexuality, homosexuality, dating, safe-sex, abstinence, relationships and much more.

You can submit your thoughts, your stories, your experiences, your questions - you can offer answers to other readers - you can post photos. Use this blog as a way of exploring your own sexuality!

Ask us questions :)
Apr 14 '10
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Apr 14 '10

buttoned shirts are not for me.

Let the twins out to play ;)


it keeps popping open ‘cause of my .. twins?

Apr 14 '10
Apr 14 '10

Thank you


Thank you

Apr 13 '10

Ask us questions …

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Apr 13 '10
When teens send photos of themselves … 

When teens send photos of themselves … 

Apr 13 '10

Q: I’m 16. My bf wants me to text him a naked photo

A: okay, firstly be careful. Legally he could be charged and arrested with child pornography.

Secondly - do you know where the picture is going to end up. What if you break up and he shows his friends? Or posts it on his tumblr?

The Internet is filled with teen self shots, look on some tumblr pages and see.

If you don’t mind what happens to the picture then go ahead and send it to him - or post it online yourself.

Just remember, once it’s out then it’s out! :)

Apr 13 '10

Q: Two boys touched me at school. I’m 13. My friend says I am a slut.

A: my first question back is “did you want them to or let them?”

If this was forced upon you then you do need to speak to your parents or a teacher you trust immediately!

If this is something you wanted, it doesn’t make you a slut, it makes you experimental. At your age you’re discovering your sexuality and you probably won’t stop until you’re at least 25.

You are trying new things and learning what you like - and there’s nothing wrong with that!!

Having said that, don’t feel you need to try everything now. 13 is way too young to experience everything - there’s a lot to take in.

My advice:

13 = kissing

14 = above waist touching, clothed

15 = above waist touching, under bra

16 = below waist petting

And after that … at whatever pace you feel is right! Just take your time and don’t be in such a hurry :)

Apr 13 '10
Apr 13 '10

Q: Is there a right way to go down on a girl?

A: Yes. With enthusiasm. It isn’t just about enthusiasm though, even the most motivated oral sex can prove to be disappointing and for that we blame pornography.

Oral sex, like any other sex is about intimacy, contact and care. You can have good sex (both oral and penetrative) that isn’t about these things - but in order to have mind-blowing, out of control, earth shattering orgasms (both you and your partner) there needs to be a degree of intimacy involved.

Why do I blame pornography? If you watch any $2 porn film (which most teenage boys do) you see the male actor either thrusting his face deep into the crotch of the female and burying himself in her vagina - or you see the exact opposite. Either tentative tweaking of the vagina with the actor’s tongue or deeply licking her vagina with no consideration for technique.

So you want to give your girlfriend great oral sex? Let me tell you the formula. 

(Technique + Care) x Enthusiasm

Let me explain my formula. 


While deep licking can be fun (and it is) the sensitive part of the girl’s genital region is her clitoris. A lot of jokes are made about boys struggling to find it and it can be true. A woman’s clitoris is like the Holy Grail in the Indiana Jones film - if you pick incorrectly, it won’t come out and you won’t taste the good stuff. The clitoris is more obvious when a girl is aroused - so if you aren’t doing your job correctly in the first place, you are making it hard for yourself later on.

90% of female orgasms stem from clitoral stimulation. It is not about a “deep dicking” but about the “tender licking.” Be gentle with the girl (more about that under care) and ensure you are turning her on - then you can go looking for the clitoris. 

It is located at the top of a vagina though not inside. It is generally hidden between two small folds at the top and resembles a little nub. Once you have found it, give it a gentle lick to ensure lubrication.

My technique - and this works a treat is an old one called the alphabet. Using your tongue try and draw the letters of the alphabet using the clitoris as your notepad. This will provide constant and lubricated stimulation of the clitoris and make her experience more enjoyable. Each time you finish the alphabet, give her vagina a good lick and you will taste the difference in her juices.

For advanced oral sex enthusiasts, try and write the alphabet in running writing. This means don’t pause between the letters but each movement a to b to c join up providing even more constant attention.


This is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body - and if she trusts you enough to sleep with her, then the least you can do is show it some respect. Imagine being kicked in the testicles. Hurts huh? Being too rough on the clitoris can sometimes be like that for a girl - though in a slightly different way. They don’t get the gut wrenching stomach aches we can get but they do feel pain and experience a loss of arousal and desire to stop having sex.

You. Must. Be. Reasonably. Gentle. :)

Multiply Technique and Care by …


While enthusiasm isn’t everything it can make up for a lot. If going down on a girl is not your thing, don’t do it. Just as you wouldn’t expect a girl who hates blowjobs to give you one (because that would be disrespectful) she doesn’t expect you to do something you don’t want to do.

Moreso, if you are clearly NOT enjoying the experience she will sense that, her orgasm will not be as powerful (if it happens at all) and worse - she might develop a complex about that region which could create long term issues with her enjoyment of oral sex.

If you are happy to go down, then do it right. Don’t just do it in order to get a blow job, do it because going down on a girl is one of the Best. Things. Ever. Your enthusiasm will become contagious and not only will your oral sex experience be better - but your overall sexual experience will be more enjoyable and mutually satisfactory.

Thanks for your question - hope this helped and feel free to ask us more!